Channel 2 Poll: “Israel didn’t win, but Netanyahu didn’t lose”

Given that Netanyahu has just managed to stay in power for these last – what? – 4, 5 years, I’m amazed that he’s remained so free of criticism during the conflict.

A recent poll by Israeli Channel 2 shows that 63% of Israelis are satisfied with the way Netanyahu handled the war, while only 42% say that Israeli was victorious.

Now, if you’re taking a citizen’s poll to see whether or not you were victorious in a war, it’s probably safe to say that it was no stunning achievement.  The Six Days War this is not.

Also, an earlier update today from the IDF Southern Command Chief went out on a limb to say that “we dealt Hamas a heavy blow”.  If that’s all we did, then closer inspection is required.  A statement on Twitter from @IDFSpokesperson said:

That’s right: We have destroyed tunnels (not ‘all’ tunnels, or ‘most’ or ‘the majority’) and all of Israel is now safer. No word yet on how much safer we are, and for how long, and at what point we were less safe.


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