The Middle East: Fighting for more dirt since 11,000 BC

Taking a break from what’s going on in the South of the country, I was on the hunt for interesting articles unrelated to war… and came across this article, from Haaretz, relating to archaeology. And also war.

The article describes an archaeological site along the Nile River in Sudan, originally discovered in 1964, that is thought to contain the oldest historical remains of human conflict and illustrates – unsurprisingly – a race war.  The article goes into some detail about how there are two different types of people at the site, with different physical characteristics and indications of having died immediately from arrow wounds.  There was also indication of damage to bone from flint weapons.

I don’t know if the thought of our early ancestors killing each other 13,000 years ago is comforting or distressing.

Also found this related article, in case you hit the paywall at haaretz.


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